About the Company

Batterjee for Engineering and Steel Construction was formed in 2009 as a continuation of decades of knowledge and experience in different industrial fields across the region.

The company aims to build its name and image as synonymous with superior quality, technological capabilities, and reliability.

Batterjee has definitive expertise in the industrial realm. It is known for its specializations in pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, baby products, and foods and plastics, among others.

The company aims to become a market leader in the field of pre-engineered buildings, Steel construction and structural steel related industries by building additional partnerships with international companies that provide only the top quality know-how. Our partnerships ensure distinctive industrial capabilities, superior technology, and the manufacturing of only the highest quality construction materials. We adhere to stringent international standards of quality and production, and our materials are comparable to competitors worldwide.

Our plant in Rabigh Industrial City in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia produces a wide range of high demand products for the growing national construction industry. We have, and continue to meet the demands of the Saudi market that stem from an astounding growth in construction projects throughout Saudi Arabia. Batterjee Engineering and Steel Construction provides engineering services and has the flexibility to provide all different types of steel works.

It is our quest to guarantee mastery in production, security, working conditions, and delivery. Our company employs a well-qualified team of engineers, architects and technicians. These experts continually seek to improve our company’s pledge to meet every customer’s requirements, whether in the form of services, solutions to field problems, or the provision of highly trained technicians for project implementation. Whatever our customers require, we assure the most up-to-date services and standards.