Batterjee Group Profile

The beginning:

In the year 1908, Sheikh Ibrahim H. Batterjee established “I. H. Batterjee & Sons”, to signal the beginning of this ever evolving family business.

In these days, the merchants of Jeddah were known to be hard working, honest and supportive to their society. Sheikh Ibrahim Batterjee was one of these people carrying these main qualities which have been transferred to his descendants after him, and which lead to the trust in his name and company.

This trust in his name and company, made a brand of the BATTERJEE name, which has been highly recognized since then. The main virtues that this brand reflects have lead to a sustainable growth of the family business.


In addition to his great qualities as an entrepreneur and his concern about the society, he was long-sighted. In the difficult years in the 40’s and the 50’s, he made a strategic decision to dedicate a large part of his modest income to educate his sons.

In the time when the people of Jeddah were barely able to read and write, Sheik I. H. Batterjee decided to give his sons the opportunity to continue their studies abroad. They went to Egypt, Great Britain and the United States. They came back with degrees in pharmaceuticals, management and law.

This strategic decision has led to a faster growth of the business, and the natural instinct of Sheikh I. H. Batterjee was combined with his sons’ world-class education which has improved the BATTERJEE brand even more.