Environmental Policy

Batterjee Engineering and Steel Construction has a keen interest in the environment. As such, it has developed a strategic plan to protect the natural environment and maintain health and safety within its facilities and operations. Our company’s Environmental Policy is based on the following principles:

Comply in letter and in spirit to environmental, health, and safety legislation and codes as an environmentally responsible corporation.

Cooperate fully with all relevant government and nongovernment bodies and environmental organizations to protect the environment.

Pre-assess all planned projects and operations and their likely environmental effects, whilst maintaining sound operational standards that reflect best industry practice.

Review global industry practices of similar projects in order to improve the company’s environmental standards, both practically and economically.


Foster awareness of our industry’s environmental issues amongst staff, consultants, suppliers, customers, and the greater community.

Report on our organization’s environmental performance transparently and publicly.

Encourage industry suppliers to employ materials and operations that are environmentally sound.

Encourage the use of renewable resources for sustainable development.

Reduce, where possible, all forms of emissions during operations.

Promote energy efficiency.

Recycle waste products and use recyclable materials whenever possible.

Provide quality training and support to employees encouraging commitment to the company’s environmental goals and compliance to authoritative agencies.

Produce and treat materials within environmentally safe facilities.